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Welcome to Mindfuling, the podcast with Paul M. Cheevers

Mindfulness meditation is not a thing — it is an activity of doing. It is key to an eight faceted practice capable of freeing us from discontent. Being mindful is being deeper than the ocean, stronger than practiced aversion, quicker than chronic bad habits, and easier than pi(e)!

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Dec 30, 2019

Mindfulness meditation by way of breath and sound and oh, what sounds you will hear! Thanks John and Yoko! Merry New Year.

Mandolin, this is the way, I have spoken, Mandalorian, Lennon, Ono, breath awareness, vipassana, insight, synphonia, Metta, Goodwill, Lovingkindness, clarity, ssimc, buddha

Nov 15, 2019

Practice, guided for letting go and practicing, practicing beyond the limits of sound, and mantra. TM. Nick Cave. Into My Arms. Ghosteen. Greed. Fear. Delusion. Peace. Connection. Beatles. Release the Bats. Birthday Party. The Bad Seeds. Evolution. Root poisons. The Way. Insight. Buddha. 

Oct 15, 2019

Statues and trappings associated with religion can really and does really impede individuals from learning and practicing meditation. For some the trappings are a delightful trapping that attracts them to such a degree that they think the statues and writing and incense are the practice. Just practice. Focusing on the felt sense of the body is a great cleanser of all those thoughts. Turn off the podcasts and practice, most of the time. Gulp!

Keywords: Religious Gulp, mindfulness, sensations, standing, sitting, lying down,  Awake, easeful, Buddha, Gotama, Therevada

Sep 15, 2019

Some guided sound field encouragement. Body can fail you now. Deep fake. What is real. What is practice. Frosting and pie. 


Keywords: Mindfulness, meditation, body, foundation, contact, sensation, robot, deep fake, ai, hemisphere

Aug 9, 2019

How to practice mindfulness meditation with guidance amidst the distortion of life. How to understand what it is you are not getting when you practice via podcast. Noise. Cancelation. Relief. Mind. Play!

Here is a link to the to be staged "Play" from the Mindfuling... DIY book.


Keywords: Body, Concentration, Serenity, Papanca, Discontent, Happiness, Barnstable Comedy Club, Thespians, Mindfulness, 

Jun 8, 2019

Practice a bit. Stay with it, let go of the habit of trying' to figure it out whilst practicing. I know, it is so nice to figure stuff out but, but that is not what you are doing. Its what you are doing most of your non present time! Stand, sit, practice. RIP Grumpy, clearly not dead...

Keywords: meme, tardar sauce, cat, meditation, foundational, stand, dhammapada, sati, appamada, contact, nibbana, awake, silence, concentration, samadhi, happiness, grumpy cat, pain, suffering, posture

May 8, 2019

Not just relaxing and zoning out. Not just 10% happier. Active concentrated awareness that is responsive, even when the doggo makes it presence felt. Respond. 

Keywords: awareness, compassion, mindfulness, cake, icing, ache, suffering, relaxation, patting, need, reality, book, requirements, canine

Apr 1, 2019

Conditions and context matters to discerning accurately. It ain’t as simple as speaking objectively truthfully no matter what. Moment to moment, how do you practice, how do you keep sharp and relaxed and relaxed and...

Keywords: April fools, change, suffering, discontent, practice, fun, meditation, mindfulness, skillful, speech, culture, spring

Feb 26, 2019

Practice daily, don’t count on another or a special time or mood. Practice, get to know the present. Simple but not easy to maintain so practice. Practice. And practice.

Keywords: Mindfulness, meditation, awareness, awake, daily, story, vortex, busy, excuses, extra, hibernation, torpor, sleep, awake

Jan 31, 2019

Practicing with what you got and letting go and placing awareness in your consciousness. What is really going on. Dropping the story overlay. The weather is happening — so use it. Practicing awareness. 

Keywords: Sensation, first foundation, cool, tingle, pressure, safe, core, peace, daily, really, Marvin Gaye

Jan 11, 2019

Excerpt from a sitting, guided, and a long talk on Change, TS Eliot, Bowie, discontent, but mostly that olde reliable change.

Keywords: eightfold path, discontent, meditation, mindfulness, concentration, intent, memory, story, ego, timeless, New Years, breath, dhammapada, bhikkhu Thanissaro, Buddha, distillation, path, four noble truths