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Welcome to Mindfuling, the podcast with Paul M. Cheevers

Mindfulness meditation is not a thing — it is an activity of doing. It is key to an eight faceted practice capable of freeing us from discontent. Being mindful is being deeper than the ocean, stronger than practiced aversion, quicker than chronic bad habits and easier than pi(e)!

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May 8, 2017

Mindful of breathing and then a bit about modes of using the mind off the cushion. Are you editing or creating. Switching back and forth? Concentration leads to focus and focus can be big or small but it is still focus and awareness of one conceptual thing. Very complex concepts yes, but we humans can't get three concepts running in parallel, truly independent of the imagination. As if.

Keywords: mindfulness, meditation, posture, editing, creating, writing, visualizing, conceiving, eight fold path, bones, skeleton, hanging, settle, breathe, apple, future, past, layered, complexity, sense doors, delusion

Apr 25, 2017

Meditating while reclining, lying down in a supported manner, with attention to easing stress on lower back AND staying awake. This is not sleepy time. Not relaxation without wakefulness.

Keywords: Nervous system, sleep, against the sand man, wakeful, four postures, phone to podcast

Apr 13, 2017

Guided meditation, simple settling and ya, know this isn't an art project, this mindfulness activity we call mindfuling!


Keywords: Mindfulness, cultivation, daily practice, artifice, science, it is what it is, man.

Apr 7, 2017

Sure there are aspects of the scientific meathod at play with the practice of Mindfulness and meditation but when you are meditating you are not doing science. You are meditating. Sure, sure.... the scientific meathod can be applied to researching and studying meditation. Excellent but that is not meditation. The recipe is not the meal...


Keywords: Mindfulness, meditation, practice, science, scientific method, art, reproducible, relief, clinical, ease, body awareness, breath awareness, guided meditation

Mar 31, 2017

Guided Meditation, good with Ups and Downs of sounds, weather, thoughts and events. I and Eye!

Keywords: Breath, Sensation, Upsets, Distraction, Spring, Snow, Oh No!

Mar 27, 2017

The paradox you can experience: present moment awareness obliterates time, in retrospect.... experientially not atomically. Boom! Listen slowly.

Keywords: Silent meditation, repetition, learning, sitting easy, chair, cushion, yoga, mindful movement, ssimc, insight

Mar 17, 2017

Calm it down, then actually see what comes about, along, up and around! What you know and what you think you know is really belief, sometime accurate— often not. You can see this with a steady awareness. Mindfuling.

Referenced NYTimes article Why We Believe Obvious Untruths


Keywords: Sitting, Chair, Awake, Relaxed, Seeing, Reality, Don't Know, Not thinking, Not Planning, Not Adding and Subtracting, Object, Training, Release, Discontent, Natural Well Being, Stillness, Quiet, Fantasy Island, Words, Knowing, Not doing, Trips, Generation of fantasy, balm, Cognitive science, defined

Mar 9, 2017

Guided meditation like before but did you see that sunrise? Hear that wind? Feel the breeze.

Keywords: Mindfulness, body, breath, awareness, weather, change, view, like, dislike, opinion, duderino, red lorry yellow lorry, entertainment, practice, stress reduction

Feb 28, 2017

Working with an awareness of the body and focusing on the breath while standing.

Keywords: Meditation, mindfulness, energy, dristi, micro-movements, ease, natural, mountain pose, tree pose, classic pose, practice, skillful, awkward, weird, strange, habituation, nervous system

Feb 26, 2017

Standing Meditation is a great way to practice with the hindrances of illness or plain old sleepiness.

Keywords: Mindfulness, meditation, torpor, hibernation, energy, heart rate, illness, micro movements, dristi, balance, focus, attention, body awareness, precognitive, awake, sick, tired, tiredness, sickness, attention, meditate, formal standing meditation

Feb 13, 2017

Awareness of sound. Subtle. Return to the body when lost or noticing wandering. Active listening without adding. The Air element is simple and always available, be it the breath or the sound of the wind, perhaps through the pines or a ventilation system.

Keywords: Mindfulness, concentration, development, stillness, quiet, silence, winter, storm, foundations, contact, integral, present, listen, hear, hearing

Feb 2, 2017

Guided Sit that moves toward a sound awareness into a talk about SNOW: Silence, Not Knowning, Opening Up, Wisdom. Excerpted from the South Shore Insight Meditation Center's talk and sit.

Keywords: Quieting, mind, silence, wise speech, talk, RAIN, weather, relief, dogs, allowing, seeing, everyday, awareness

Jan 25, 2017
M#165 Mindfuling Not A Thing

Mindfuling is not a thing that you get or do or can ever be done with! It is process, a practice, an endeavor. This is another reflection on what was the title of the first Mindfuling podcast release about a year ago!

Hey, if you want a Grumpy Cat Mindfuling Magnet, email me and I just may be able to send you one! Paul@mindfuling.org

Keywords: Breath awareness, mindfulness, meditation, done, next, object, solid, hard wired tendency, first foundation, insight, time machine, grumpy cat, NOT

Jan 19, 2017

Working with feeling tones is quite subtle but Epic. One second feels like a pull into, then a running away the next then a calm and then Oh! so many gradients...

Keywords: Mindfulness, Second Foundation, still, calm, automobile simile, wave simile, Nirvana allusion, practice makes peace with imperfect

Jan 10, 2017

Really, is that it? There has gotta be more to it. Well, yes and no.

Keywords: Breath awareness, guided meditation, real life, ego, thinking, congnition, go deep, simple, complications, tragedy, discursive, touching reality, speed of thought, delusion, peace, practice, anapanasati, concentration

Jan 5, 2017

More working with sound, which can be a vivid and, paradoxically, easier way compared to running away, pushing away. An excerpt from an Open MAP class at South Shore Insight.

Keywords: Body awareness, first foundation, air, elements, liquid, heat, fire, space, water, baby talk, meditation, mindfulness, view, intention, speech, action, profession, effort, mindfulness, concentration, hum, traffic, ambient noise, path, buddha, kindness, formal practice, earth, holidays, new year's, letting go, lists, models, Hanover, Massachusetts

Dec 31, 2016

On a flight, meditating with what is. Exceptional but workable. Baby Doe is easy to focus on in many ways!

Keywords: Sound Meditation, Alarm, Fear, Greed, Delusion, Ambient Noise, Sense door, awareness, tides, rise and fall, equanimity, Baby New Year, Airbus, Space Ship, transformation, discontent, suffering, holy cow, guided meditation, air travel, Story, breath awareness, what is, ego, Oh My! 

Dec 15, 2016

Hot Zombies, Cool Buddhas and a new chap we only know as Doctor Pastille. Cocoa encountered him in a chapel the size of Paris, Texas.

Keywords: Drama, Dhamma, Not Self, Kamma, written word, Buddhism, practice verses consumption of sweets, so many books so little awareness, dharma, Professorial, Chapel, Resonance, pages, mental exercise, wow, flutter, mouth noises, book, text, tombs

Dec 13, 2016

Guided meditation and example of how to bookend your mindfulness practice with a daily Divine Home practice. Of course, infinitely expandable is this.

Keywords: Mindfulness, Insight, Direct Knowledge, Vipassana, Meditation, Daily Practice, Remedy, Simile, Inoculation, awake, four postures, still, Burmese, lotus, Heart-Mind, meditating, meditate, mindful, kind words, kindness to yourself

Dec 11, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW) is a dense and super cool one this week. Many puzzles but also many simple practices to repeat and to come 'round to, so as to develop some truly helpful and delightful being.

Keywords: divine, sublime, metta, karuna, mudita, upekkha, lovingkindness, goodwill, compassion, empathic joy, equanimity, peace, steven hawking, voice synthesis, cart machine, radio, telepathy, surveilance, russian dolls, freak out, carnival, marshfield fair, country fair, horse and pony, meditation, mindfulness, samadhi, concentration, truth, memory, bionic, self destruct, magnetic tape, metric

Dec 6, 2016

Divine Home practice, all of it, is awake and intending toward, moving toward, practicing for the benefit of all beings. Talk with guided practice.

Keywords: Metta, LovingKindness, Karuna, Compassion, Mudita, Sympathetic Joy, Upekkha, Equanimity, balance, you can do it, do it, get to know it, the peace, brahma vihara

Dec 3, 2016

Silence is an idea. Reality is, we all pass away. Reality is, we don't like that idea. Reality is, that includes ourselves…

Hear with your ears, listen with your heart — Pauline Oliveros

Keywords: Deep Listening, Pauline Oliveros, Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, Audio, Thanks Giving, Intention, Sound Field, Accordian, Concertina, Bandoneon, Mills College, Cage, Improve, Jazz

Nov 29, 2016

A guided meditation and talk about this time of year, and the every day possibility of eating too much practicing thanks daily.

Keywords: Thanksgiving, Meditation, 11th Step, practice, gratitude, thanks, generosity, dana, ssimc, south shore insight meditation center, Hanover, Massachusetts

Nov 28, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW) has a long form guided sitting meditation and a bit more, followed by a HZCB reality mashup drama with potatoes and cranberry sauce. If you are confused you are paying attention!

Keywords: National Day of Mourning, sitting meditation, guided, spooks, plymouth ma, ssimc, thanksgiving, turkey, solemnity, drums, political speech, native americans, government, family, elders, eight fold path, drama, dhamma, 1620, vipassana, tranquility, massachusetts, america, fictional

Nov 23, 2016

A longer than usual guided sit for this podcast, but a pretty typical guided sit at an SSIMC class. There is no substitute for sitting with others, meditating; even the best podcast pales in comparison to full bandwidth practice in a space set up to accommodate group meditation of the mindfuling sort. 

Keywords: arriving, shore near, shore far, plymouth, thanksgiving, breath awareness, body awareness, first foundation, south shore insight meditation center in hanover, massachusetts

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