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Welcome to Mindfuling, the podcast with Paul M. Cheevers

Mindfulness meditation is not a thing — it is an activity of doing. It is key to an eight faceted practice capable of freeing us from discontent. Being mindful is being deeper than the ocean, stronger than practiced aversion, quicker than chronic bad habits and easier than pi(e)!

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Dec 15, 2016

Hot Zombies, Cool Buddhas and a new chap we only know as Doctor Pastille. Cocoa encountered him in a chapel the size of Paris, Texas.

Keywords: Drama, Dhamma, Not Self, Kamma, written word, Buddhism, practice verses consumption of sweets, so many books so little awareness, dharma, Professorial, Chapel, Resonance, pages, mental exercise, wow, flutter, mouth noises, book, text, tombs

Dec 11, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW) is a dense and super cool one this week. Many puzzles but also many simple practices to repeat and to come 'round to, so as to develop some truly helpful and delightful being.

Keywords: divine, sublime, metta, karuna, mudita, upekkha, lovingkindness, goodwill, compassion, empathic joy, equanimity, peace, steven hawking, voice synthesis, cart machine, radio, telepathy, surveilance, russian dolls, freak out, carnival, marshfield fair, country fair, horse and pony, meditation, mindfulness, samadhi, concentration, truth, memory, bionic, self destruct, magnetic tape, metric

Dec 3, 2016

Silence is an idea. Reality is, we all pass away. Reality is, we don't like that idea. Reality is, that includes ourselves…

Hear with your ears, listen with your heart — Pauline Oliveros

Keywords: Deep Listening, Pauline Oliveros, Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, Audio, Thanks Giving, Intention, Sound Field, Accordian, Concertina, Bandoneon, Mills College, Cage, Improve, Jazz

Nov 19, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW) is moving and practicing and venturing well into the task at hand — be it a steering wheel, a yoga mat, a meditation cushion or chair.

Keywords: practicing, meditation, driving, standing, walking, awake and present, ease, drama, sequence, row your boat, stream, here and now, movement

Nov 12, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW). Wowzers in the USA. It is time to practice, not time to stop. Keep it simple and build your practice; it translates to everyday living... Democracy America.

Keywords: meditation, voting, letting go, equanimity, bubble theory, scrubbing, delusion, greed, hate, love, fear, awareness, help, pumpkins, egomania, lies, drama, theater, absurd, wise speech, the path to happiness, radio theater, ireland, skellig michael, beehive huts, monastic settlements, contemplation, theater of the mind, imagination

Nov 5, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW) spans the ages of Halloween to a World Class Joy.

Keywords: Mudita, Chicago Cubs, eating meditation, mindfulness, knowledge experienced, body awareness, mirror neurons, spectator sport, sympathetic joy, empathic joy, empath, world series, dude, mindfulness, path to the deathless, TED, Everlasting Deathless, heedless, insight, Fall, sublime abodes, divine homes, brahma vihara, brag, bro, dudify, big lebowski

Oct 29, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW) Still in the slightly cReEpy sound scape. Such fun.

Keywords: Eye of Newton, Hurricane Toads, Standing Meditation, Voting, Politicians are not Mindfuling, theater, radio, Eight Fold Path, Halloween, Merry, Hungry Ghosts, Veil is thin, Zombie Mascot

Oct 22, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW) Is composed of two episodes from this week: yoga and Metta get mashed up and smear our clown makeup into a more perfectly clear rain soaked smudge.

Keywords: Metta, Divine Homes, Abodes, asana, yoga, slow, contemplative, ireland, skellig Michael, Clare, meditation, mindfulness, compassion, hate, mudita, equanimity, balance

Oct 15, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW) brings together the week's releases. This week is very Halloween, with a serious dose of dhamma and chattering teeth.

Keywords: Mindfulness, Skeleton Framework, Insight, Reality, Skellig Michael, Drones, Beehive Cells, Monastic practice, subsistence island living, keep the light on, radio theater, drama, ssimc, deathless, TED

Oct 8, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW) is Sound Rich this week. Headphones if you can. 

Keywords: Drumming, Insight, Mindfulness, Audio rich, concentration, less is more, humorous, identity, habit awareness, habit development, 1620, native american, pilgrim, plymouth, massasoit, south shore

Oct 1, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW), orbits about the vastness of the practice, techniques and Hot Zombies follows on at the exotic location of Skellig Michael.

Keywords: Insight Meditation, vipassana, zen, monastic settlement redux, Ireland, Mars, Marblehead MA, Marbles, Glass worlds, spheres, bubbles

Sep 24, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW), breath awareness and letting go of thinking and instead training a concentrated mind, an absorbing mind, on the present moment. Even dogs, I suspect, can do a version of this, at least in fiction!

Keywords: Ireland, breeding, canine, implants, cyberdog, unconditional love, breath awareness, anapanasati, all good, life is gooder, bees, bee-catcher, dog eat dog world, dog loves your world, animal realm, kamma, karma

Sep 17, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW), bringing together a way to step on spirituality, free of blind faith...

keywords: Mindfulness, insight, vipassana, bill, skellig michael, serial, radio, dhamma, stone steps, ireland, star wars, jedi, luke, father, vader, dark side, light side, far side, podcasts as russian nesting dolls, wake up, zen, heart sutra, punk rock mountain in the ocean

Sep 3, 2016

MAW is Mindfuling at Weekend. The Faire, or is that Fair Pumpkins and nature and beyond nature? Is that even possible in the present?

Keywords: Marshfield Fair, Sound Meditation, serial radio, theater, pigs, vietnamese, kids, rides, motocross, horses, chickens, dinosaurs, mindfulness of other beings bodies, freak out, making hay, owls, great horned, ma

Aug 27, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW) Practicing and getting simple when we realize we have complicated things, a bit. And Hot Zombies regurgitates Godoh!

Keywords: Mindfulness, body, mind, heart, waiting for Godot, Doh!, Bodhichita, Heart-Mind, guided meditation, Beckett, Absurdist, lightness of being, reality

Aug 20, 2016

MAW: Mindfuling at Weekend. A big gob of episode. Stay Cool!

Keywords: Mindful of the Body, guided sit, meditation, sati, sound awareness, first foundation, doors and bells, radiohead, fake plastic trees, honda crx, route 128, going out, nibbana, zero time, dharma talk, eight fold path, dukkha

Aug 13, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW). The week's podcasts all stitched together. TKV Desikachar passes and we practice and find some time to play with Hot Zombies.

Keywords: Yoga, Yogi, Yogini, Chennai, Krishnamacharia, root, mindfulness, meditation, asana, practice, breath control, breath awareness, theater, dhamma, samadhi

Aug 6, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend is The MAW, and we are getting basic, like laying down the 101, for you; but still, you gotta do it, mindfuling.

Keywords: Guided Meditation, serial radio theater, eno, cicada, get smart, agent secret, dead pan, cold war, nuclear idiocy, awakening, buddha, cool aid, recipe versus actually eating of the cookie, vipassana, concentration, mindful, flintstones

Jul 30, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend (MAW) splashes down. Summertime.

Keywords: Mindfulness, Dhamma, Caffeine, Summertime Blues, Dukkha, SSIMC, yoda, eddie cochran, meditation, vipassana, insight, south shore insight, Hanover, Massachusetts, Hot Zombies Cool Buddhas, grok, concentration, serenity, L-theanine, blues, summertime blues, summer, time

Jul 23, 2016

Mindfuling at Weekend: MAW. Hot and humid. Practice still. Still, practice.

Keywords: Guided meditation, mindfulness, body, feeling tones, thoughts, phenomena, rocket usa, suicide, vega, rev, john cage, freedom, choice beyond environmental conditions, hindrances, zazen, simplify, analog, electronic, happiness, awareness, Alan Vega remembrance

Jul 16, 2016

The difference between hearing and knowing a phrase like "You can't step in the same river, stream or ocean twice" isn't about understanding, it is about being finely awake to see at a depth beyond words or ocean. The digital delusion of perfect repetition is seductive and pervasive. 

Keywords: Meditation, Guided, Audio, repeatable, Greek Philosophy, take me to the river, h2o, summer time blues, graphite, apis, bee, buzz, moxie, opulent, cluck, honey

Jul 9, 2016

The MAW is a compilation of the week's podcast episodes, give or take... This episode is especially sound-rich and jam-packed with practice and zip. Headphones recommended.

Keywords: Fireworks, Crazy, Meditaiton, Seeing and Hearing and Practicing, for real, zen, vipassana, tibet, equanimity, listening, tinnitus, buzz, peace

Jul 2, 2016

Mindfuling At Weekend. A compilation of the previous week's podcasts with a tad more or less.

Keywords: Eight Fold Path, delusion, Voila, Wollah, the channel, boston, ssimc, super hero, deva, states of awareness, practice of meditation, mindfulness, mindfuling

Written, Recorded and Produced by Paul M. Cheevers | Mindfuling.org

Jun 25, 2016

MAW is Mindfuling at Weekend, a compilation of the previous week's podcasts with a little more and a little less.

Here is a link to an article related to Attention Schematic Theory (AST).

Keywords: Brexit, Bubble Theory, Attention Schema Theory, Mind, Awareness, Mindfulness, Serial Radio Dhamma, Drama, Breath, Buddha,  Zombie, UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Drones, Golf in the Kingdom

Written, Recorded and Produced by Paul M. Cheevers | Mindfuling.org

Jun 18, 2016

The MAW is Mindfuling at Weekend. The previous week's episodes with bit more and a bit less.

Keywords: Practice, serenity, awareness, reality, insight, smile, vipassana, meditation, mindfulness, metta, self-compassion, divine homes, ssimc, orlando, repetition, buddhism, mindful, mindfulness, buddhist thought

Written, Recorded and Produced by Paul M. Cheevers | Mindfuling.org

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